Hafnium oxide nanoparticle activated by radiotherapy generates an anti-tumor immune response

ASCO, Chicago, IL · 2018, Galon J. et al.


Galon J.1, Laé M.2, Thariat J.3, Carrère S.4, Papai Z.5, Delannes M.6, Sargos P.7, Rochaix P.8, Mangel L.9, Hermitte F.10, Sapi Z.11, Tornoczky T.12, Peyrottes I.3, Tetreau R.13, Château M.C.13, Sunyach M.14, Agoston P.15, Brisse H.2, Le Cesne A.16, Bonvalot S.2

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HfO2-NP + RT bring marked changes to the tumor immune profile both in mouse model and in patients with STS, compared to RT. So far, these results show that HfO2-NP + RT induces a specific adaptive immune pattern.

In mouse, an abscopal effect was observed with HfO2-NP but not with RT alone. IHC analyses show that a significant increase of CD8+ cells is present in treated and untreated tumors, but no effect was observed for RT alone. IHC analysis (post- vs pretreatment) show a marked increase of the biomarkers for patient treated with HfO2-NP + RT, particularly for CD8+ and PD1. No differences are seen for RT alone. The profile of gene expression HfO2-NP + RT differs from RT alone. Functional analysis of genes expression up-regulated in HfO2-NP + RT shows an increase of the cytokine and immune checkpoints expression, as T cell activation markers, compared to RT alone.